Meany by the Numbers — Some Exceedingly Odd

"There is divinity in odd numbers..."

                                       —William Shakespeare 

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Unseen Heroes

Meany Hall’s stage was dark this past season, but the shows still went on — online and behind the scenes. Every staff person at Meany Center had to figure out new ways to get the job done — for many of us, that meant finding a quiet spot to set up a laptop to do our work.

But for the six people who staff our ticket office, continuing to provide exceptional patron services from home was particularly challenging. Ticket exchanges, cancellations and renewals all require bulky equipment such as credit card terminals, multiple monitors, desk phones and headsets — not to mention the space to set them up. In addition, the team had other challenges as well: a new payment processing system, new changes to the database, new print-on-demand tickets, new memberships for the School of Drama and a new website rebuild — all with steep learning curves that had to be mastered remotely.

Surviving this year required patience, endurance, a little dark humor, a lot of chocolate — and noise-canceling headphones to combat (among other things) trumpet practice, construction noise and hours of beginner cello scales through thin walls. In honor of our ticket office team, Rosa, Abbey, Cathy, Colette, Keeli and Liz, here is their year “by the numbers.”

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Meany Center Visiting Artists Program Financials

2021 Impact Report-p9 Financials2.jpg
2021 Impact Report-p9 Financials1.jpg


 Performing Artists                      $162,000             10%

Production Expenses                 $202,000             13%

Marketing & Outreach              $719,000             45%

Fundraising                                  $267,000             17%

General Administration            $231,000            15%


Total FY21 Expenses            $1,581,000        100%

Ticket Handling Fees             $       9,000              0% Contributions                          $1,071,000            68%

University Support*              $   237,000            15%

Endowment Distribution      $  264,000             17%


Total FY21 Income        $1,581,000        100%

*University support of $248,000 is reported net of a 15.6% administrative overhead fee on self-sustaining revenue, or approximately $11,000 for FY21.

NOTE: Dollar amounts rounded to the nearest thousand.